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Who Can Use Dr. Cleangreen's Handy Essentials?

Dr. Cleangreen's Instant Hand Purifier has been carefully formulated to be Healthy & Effective&trade for all skin types and all ages. Our product contains 20% certified organic alcohol, a fraction of what most hand sanitizers contain. Additionally, it is preservative-free, all natural, and uses certified organic plant essential oils. *Dr Cleangreen suggests adult supervision of young children using this product, as it is intended for external use only.

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Dr. Cleangreen's Handy Essentials: Instant Hand Purifier
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Dr. Cleangreen's Instant Hand Purifier is one of a kind. A unique blend of purifying essential oils eliminates the need for excessive alcohol, hazardous chemicals or artificial colors & fragrances. Ours is simply a naturally sweet-smelling lotion that goes on smoothly and works quickly, gently, and effectively.

In clinical tests, Dr. Cleangreen's Instant Hand Purifier killed 99.99% of tested specimens, including the flu, staph-resistant MRSA, e. coli, strep pneumoniae (causes pneumonia), and staph epidermidis, to name a few...

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*No Parabens *No Chemicals *No Mineral Oil/Petroleum *No Chemical Preservatives
*Not Tested On Animals *Vegan


"My wife and I have a two-year old and a dog. I am well aware of germs and their risks. You can just turn your TV on and listen to the news of drug resistant bacteria such as MRSA. Using a hand sanitizer is not a luxury. It is vital necessity in our society today. I used to use Purell. It does the job but it really dries my hands and I am not a big fan of chemicals and alcohol smells.”

About Dr. Cleangreen

Founded by Physician Michael Byrne, MD., Dr.CleanGreen LLC is committed to bringing you the first and only moisturizing USDA Organic hand purifier.

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